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Boussinesq awardee 2017 Walter Immerzeel: “Recent advances in understanding climate, glacier and river dynamics in high mountain Asia”

On Friday June 2nd Walter Immerzeel (Utrecht University) received the Boussinesq Prize 2017  awarded by prof. Bob Su. Walter Immerzeel  has quickly become one of the most influential and highly cited young scientists in mountain hydrology, in particular on the effect of climate change on snow and glaciers in High Mountain Asia (HMA) and how this affects future water resources. He developed a unique interdisciplinary research line in which innovative fieldwork, remote sensing, meso-scale regional circulation modelling and glacio-hydrological models are combined to elucidate glacio-hydrological processes at the catchment scale. The acquired process understanding is used to assess the effects of climate change ont he glacio-hydrology and water resources of High Mountain Asia as a whole.

During the Boussinesq Spring Meeting 2017 in Enschede Walter gave a keynote presentation on “Recent advances in understanding climate, glacier and river dynamics in high mountain Asia”.  The presentation gave an excellent overview on all the interesting work Walter and his team carried out in the though climate and landscape of the Himalayas.

Watch the keynote presentation.


Boussinesq Awardee 2012 Richard de Jeu: “Satellites put Soil Moisture on the Map”

On Thursday March 21st Richard de Jeu received the Boussinesq Prize 2012 awarded by UNESCO-IHE’s Prof. Uhlenbrook and Prof. Dolman (Free University Amsterdam).

Richard de Jeu

His presentation “Satellites put Soil Moisture on the Map” gave a overview of the use of passive microwave sensors for soil moisture derivation.  Validation and error characterization techniques were discussed and special attention was paid on the development of a 32 year multi-sensor soil moisture dataset. Finally, a series environmental applications were demonstrated to show the great importance of these datasets in climate research.

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