Boussinesq Prize

During the meeting of the Boussinesq Center Executive Board in 2011 it was decided to establish the Boussinesq Award. This will be a tri-annual award given to a person for recognition of his/her outstanding scientific contributions to hydrological sciences. The first award will be given in 2012.

Nomination Guidelines

Any person is eligible to receive the Boussinesq Award that fulfills the following criteria:

  • The Boussinesq Award will be given to a person for his/her outstanding scientific contributions to hydrological sciences. These contributions must be based on innovative research and of great importance to the further development of hydrology as a scientific discipline.
  • The Boussinesq Award is a mid-career award. Therefore, the target group comprises hydrologists who earned their highest academic degree roughly in the last 5-15 years. Thus, this is not an award targeting young scientists (e.g. recent PhD graduates), or very senior scientists for their life-time achievements. The Boussinesq Center board felt that there are number of awards by different professional organizations focusing on these groups.
  • The nominated person should have a link to the Netherlands and/or Belgium, for instance, he/she has studied or worked for some time at a knowledge institute based in the Netherlands and/or Belgium. Long-term sabbatical stays in The Netherlands and/or Belgium and extensive collaboration with Dutch/Belgian based scientists are also sufficient. The research subject does not need to be related to The Netherlands and/or Belgium as a country or to the Dutch/Belgian hydrology. Also, the gender/origin/nationality of the candidate are not relevant.

A person can receive the Boussinesq Award only once in his/her lifetime. Any persons can nominate; self-nominations are not appreciated.


2012: Richard de Jeu
2017: Walter Immerzeel